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17 08 2010

My name is April and I’m a cinematographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. To me filmmaking is about creating captivating stories through a visual medium. As a cinematographer I focus on producing powerful images through lighting, composition and movement to support and motivate each storyline.

I graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in Film/Video Production and an emphasize in cinematography. While I attended UCD I studied under Ric Waite, ASC, an incredible cinematographer with over 75 feature films to his credit. Ric is also a great teacher with a wonderful sense of humor and storytelling ability. He and other professors at UCD taught me about the art of camera, lighting, editing and producing films.

I have since spent several years as a professional in the industry, however I have found I will always be a student of filmmaking. I am constantly looking for different approaches, new techniques, or a modern twist on a classic style.

I also find it critical to be constantly aware of the ever-changing landscape of camera/film production technology. I have operated a variety of digital and film cameras for commercial, film, and television productions. My work has been distributed by companies including MTV, PBS, Nation Geographic, and RFD-TV.

I love anything adventurous and I’m always up for a challenge. Whether its hauling equipment to the top of a snowcapped mountain, riding several hundred miles on a snow machine in sub-zero temperatures, or keeping a steady shot with a wild grizzly bear on the trail you can depend on me to be there with a smile on my face. I’m extremely resourceful and I thrive on collaboration and being part of a team.

Feel free to browse my work samples and contact me if you have any questions about Frame By Frame Productions.

~ April Frame

Frame By Frame Productions, located in Anchorage Alaska




Frame By Frame productions reel

17 04 2011

River Valley Ranch Commercial – Alaska Film Production – Frame by Frame

17 12 2010

River Valley Ranch Promo – Produced by April Frame with Frame by Frame Productions

Sugar Six Photography Promo – Frame by Frame Productions

10 12 2010

Sugar Six Photography Promo – Produced by Frame by Frame Production – Anchorage Alaska Wedding Photographer

R5Sons Thanksgiving Commercial – Frame by Frame Productions

11 11 2010

Thanksgiving commercial for the R5Sons television show. Produced by Frame by Frame Productions